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Our products and services fall into three groups: Thinkforce Web, Thinkforce On-Site, and Thinkforce Print.

Thinkforce Web

The backbone of our offerings is our Web-based online learning system. Thinkforce Web is designed to accommodate different learning styles and leverage what employees already know about the world. Standard topics include, for example, the financial markets ("Why does management care so much about our stock price?"), marketing for engineers ("Why make it in fuchsia? I hate fuchsia."), and quality management ("Six what? What does that have to do with me?"). Our learning system can be extended to any subject, and we can develop custom modules, or customize standard modules.

This service can be provided over the Internet or, for private labeling, be hosted within the corporate intranet. Usage statistics and other metrics are provided to clients to guide ongoing targeting of the program.

Thinkforce On-Site

Complementing our Web offerings, we can provide interactive, on-site workshops on many of our topics. Led by domain experts, these are based on active attendee participation and may include, for example, role-playing and cooperative exercises.

Thinkforce Print

Virtually all of our online content can be adapted to print media, ranging from publications given entirely over to Thinkforce material to specific articles appearing in existing corporate publications. Full customization services are available.

Since we customize our offerings to suit your unique needs, please contact us for further information.

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